Let’s paint the town lime green. No?
Ok. How about the family room?

The before pictures really don’t do the color justice. Needless to say, we decided to paint this room also. After removing a 7 foot tall IKEA cabinet from the wall we discovered that the most recent carpet was laid around it, leaving an older piece of carpet the size of the base which almost matched the new carpet. So we also decided to replace the carpet in this room with hardwood. After I removed all of the carpet and cut it to fit the two cubbies in Cole’s room, my Dad graciously pulled all of the carpet padding staples out of the floor. I thought it would be a great idea to remove all the molding, and raise the molding up half an inch to accommodate the height of our new hardwood. At the same time it would give me a chance to sand down the baseboards, cleaning up a previous attempt to paint them. In the end, it was easier said than done.