The half-bath down stairs was the first room that we ripped anything out of. It had this funny vanity with 45 degree edges so that the door would open into the room. Despite this wonderful feature, the sink was just too small and shallow to be functional. So we decided installing a pedestal sink would make more sense. This room also shared the parquet from the foyer and entrance hallway. We tore that out with the help of my Dad. We removed the baseboards in this room as well and they were part of the repair and reinstall effort. Kristin found some great looking miniature pedestal sinks that would fit the space in the room, but as we soon learned, they cost a fortune. Thankfully she has mad ebay skills and after searching high and low, scored one at half the normal cost. Kristin often claims she isn’t computer savvy but after seeing some of her internet deal finds, I’m starting to wonder if she just says that to be humble.