I’ve been meaning to learn the details of the Camera RAW tools in Photoshop as part of getting back to my art roots. I’ve been fascinated by photography and film ever since my first beginning photography course at Murray State. I was fortunate to learn the details of developing negatives and exposing photographs in the darkroom from some amazing professors and fellow artists. I also did some large format camera work, 3 x 5 inch negatives are really fun to work with. I have to give my father credit for instilling the interest in photography at an early age. He always had his camera on the ready whenever we took an outing or went on a vacation.

I used some photographs from a trip to Colorado last summer as image sources. There were many features in Camera RAW that I never knew existed and once you know how to use them they can produce some amazing results. Camera RAW is a very powerful tool. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Look for some more tinkering and HDR work soon.