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Workplace Giving

This product started with one month of product definition and internal communication work, followed by a three-month proof of concept with a market test. It culminated in a nine-month full product build and successful product launch.

Together the team created a simple, trustworthy experience that is unique in the marketplace. Our solution provides employers and employees an engaging way to give back. It’s a data and goal driven, user centered approach which is propelling an engine of impact.


Shifting workplace giving behavior

Fidelity Charitable asked us to connect disenfranchised donors to charities while also adding the ‘High-Earning, Not Rich Yet’ (HENRY) target to their giving products. They tasked us with designing around a global, social, and inclusive donor outlook.

Fidelity clients wanted matching gift and volunteer programs to be more effective and deeply customizable. Employees wanted to achieve personal giving goals and learn about charities they weren’t aware of. Trust, transparency, and ease of use were among the barriers to success.

Gathering Insights

The team created a robust understanding of both business goals and customer needs through primary and secondary research methods. Our efforts included surveys, interviews, quantitative and qualitative studies, task analysis, usability testing, and use cases. We synthesized this into three personas including a customer administrator and two customer employee personas.


Solution sketches and wireframes for ideation

After defining the business goals and user needs, we created rapid solution sketches and wireframe prototypes to help solidify the initial inputs from stakeholders and competitive analysis. These artifacts helped us have tangible discussions with the broader team and validate any large gaps.

Proof of concept and market test

With a rapid prototype the product management team could sell the product vision internally and we could begin gathering insights from our customer advisory board. The developers created a functional prototype that we then launched to a few thousand employees, and we validated key business metrics and secure a budget for the MVP.

Donors need a better conversation about giving

Administrators need simple setup and easy insights


Empathy, momentum, experiments, and user validation

Working together with our partners at Fidelity, we brought together multiple stakeholders, customers, and data streams to build a product experience that ignited engagement, sustained interest, and resulted in profound impact for all.

  • First Cloud-native Application at Fidelity
  • Integration of Multiple Data Sources
  • Behavioral Nudges to Anchor Goals
  • Reporting that Drives Action
  • Matched Giving
  • Speed to Market